Cobalt hybrid open source framework

The best of both world!

Core features

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Why Cobalt?

  • Mix up web & native as you want
  • Open Source: Free to use and improve
  • Target more than 80% of the mobile market:
    Available from Android 2.2 and iOS 6 to latest versions
  • Robust and deeply tested
  • Easy to maintain
  • Soon : plugins to bring and share your own features

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General questions

What is Cobalt?

Cobalt is a web and native framework that enables you to build mobile apps that can mix web and native technologies.

How does Cobalt compare to other frameworks ?

Cobalt is faster than PhoneGap because it uses native navigation and some native components. Cobalt is cheaper than because it's free! Cobalt is easier to learn than Appcelerator.

How much does Cobalt cost?

Cobalt is an open source and free solution. That means you can use it for commercial applications or free applications.

Read all questions and answers on our GitHub FAQ.

Cobalt Apps

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